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Julia Ainsworth, a young princess of the kingdom Castles, is about to turn seventeen, the year when she thinks her only worries will be her mother finding a husband for her. Instead, she is faced with deciding between her childhood friend, the handsome Prince Edward of Hill, and the dashing William Adams, who is part of an important dragon hunting family. While sorting out her feelings, she must also confront a war, the rule of a kingdom, the death of a friend, and the possibility of marrying someone entirely different than the boy she’s in love with. 

The Princess of Castles

Eliza Bliss's Summer Before 7th Grade Romance Cover.png

Eliza Bliss's Summer Before 7th Grade Romance

After completely embarrassing herself, Eliza Bliss resolves to have a boy-free summer. But summer doesn't always go as planned.

Eliza Bliss's Fall of 7th Grade Romance

Eliza Bliss begins the year with a mild certainty that drama in 7th grade year will be lacking. However, in this exciting sequel, she finds the opposite of what she expects.

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